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The role of work clothes

The role of work clothes

Update Time:2022/8/29

The role of work clothes

Overalls are clothing specially made for work needs. According to the requirements of customers, combined with occupational characteristics, team culture, age structure, body shape characteristics, wearing habits, etc., from the color, fabric, style, shape, collocation and other aspects of clothing, we provide the best design solutions to create rich and colorful clothing for customers. A new professional image with connotation and taste.

 In fact, wearing overalls has a psychological hint, that is, it is already working time, all your non-work-related things should be put down, and all the unpleasant things outside should be forgotten, and you should devote yourself to work. . This kind of psychological suggestion is very important and necessary. When we come home and put on pajamas, it is very comfortable to lie down or lie down, but if you wear evening clothes, will you still be so casual? In addition to this kind of psychological suggestion, there are many other types, such as punching in at work, which in many cases is not necessarily for the needs of attendance, but tells you that after punching in, you have entered working hours. There are also office chairs, office supplies, etc., all of which have this implied effect.

Workwear also has another function, which is to show the beauty of unity. Some people will say that beauty is only when there is individuality. What beauty is there in unity? I think people who say this must be those who are heavily influenced by Western thought. In the East, unity, orderliness, and symmetry are often called beauty. Just imagine why during the National Day military parade, the soldiers of the honor guard not only uniformly dressed, but even their height There are strict standards for body shape and body shape, not to mention actions; our country's buildings and decorations are all symmetrical, and this is our country's aesthetics. Once, five colleagues in our company wore uniforms to a dinner party, and they left a good impression on the host, saying that our company pays attention to image and is very formal.

Some work clothes have the meaning of publicity. For example, many employees in the service industry wear clothes with the company's LOGO and font size printed on them, and they are a mobile advertisement wherever they go.